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Planning Trolltunga

Updated: Jul 19, 2022

What is Trolltunga? And how do I prepare for my viking-style conquest?

photo credit: Unsplash, Benjamin Davis

Have you ever seen The Lion King? The part where Simba is lifted up before the entire animal kingdom for all to see? They called that place Pride Rock.

.... Trolltunga is basically the Pride Rock of Norway. It's the more rugged, much higher, and REAL version of course. It's a unique rock formation in the mountains that juts out like a "Troll Tongue." Hence the name...

So what is Trolltunga? Now you know.

Why am I planning to go? Well...

Inside every man is an instinctual calling for adventure. Although, most men aren’t even aware it’s there, or it’s deep in hibernation waiting to be awakened from its slumber.

Well, mine has awoken…and it's hungry!

And you know what it's hungry for?

You guessed it. Trolltunga!

For the last several months, while we have been preparing for our Norway trip, I have been training for my hike up to Trolltunga to see the insta-famous ledge that overlooks some of Norway's most recognizable landscapes…the fjords.

In the last few days of our trip, I'll be leaving Lindsey with the kids in Bergen while I make a 3 hour drive through the fjords, then take a ferry over Hardangerfjorden to get to Tyssedal where I'll be spending the night in a hostel located at the base of Trolltunga.

Early the next morning, I have a nut-clenching bus ride with very narrow tight turns up to where the hike actually starts. From then on, I begin my 5-6 hour trek on foot. Once I reach the rock jet out, where I'll take a bountiful amount of selfies, I'll be pitching a tent, (not that kind of tent, it's too cold up there for that!), and settling in for the night beneath the stars atop one of Norway's most iconic landscapes.

Hopefully, after surviving the night…alone…after slipping away into madness…I'll open my tent to let the brisk morning air bring me back to reality. I'll head back to the rock jet overlooking Ringedalsvatnet Lake to watch the sunrise, ponder about life, and take in creation.

Once my cup has been filled, I'll make the trek back down and begin my drive back to my family who will be anxiously awaiting my return (I hope).

Stay tuned... believe it or not, I'm not actually a viking, nor have I done this kind of conquest before. So, this will likely make for an exciting and interesting experience - or at least, an entertaining one for you!

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