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Oxford Exchange Experience

Updated: Jul 19, 2022

What can we say? Oxford Exchange, you are the collective space we have been dreaming of!


Have you ever looked forward to a destination and it was even BETTER than you anticipated? That was our experience with Oxford Exchange. We knew from other sources it would be a place we'd love... but then we went... and simply put, everything was SO WELL DONE!

Atmosphere & Design

First, you should know that Oxford Exchange is a "collection" of businesses joined together to create a beautiful, well-curated, trendy, and inviting atmosphere. It is located in Tampa, Florida and within the Exchange itself you'll find the main restaurant, champagne bar, coffee shop, tea shop, lounge-style free space, Warby Parker boutique shop, AND a bookstore.

All your favorite things in one place? Yeah, same.

The design is crisp, clean and incorporates a variety of aesthetics ranging from moody, board and baton walls to striking iron framed windows with a conservatory feel in the restaurant. The lounge areas have a cozy feel, [but are open enough to have your own space], while the boutique and bookshop areas have fun, engaging patterns, and styling that draw you in.

Delicious Dining

And the cuisine you may ask? Delicious. We were in Tampa for a conference and took the time to sneak into the Exchange for an early breakfast, hence the French Toast and Eggs Benedict (some of our favorites!). Everything was delicious, well portioned and plated (at least, to our average, untrained eyes!) - so it was great!

We plan to go back one day for dining at another time, the various menu's all looked wonderful and we hope to be able to experience more there some time.

There are also a number of small detail items that bring a special touch - like a personalized kettle for chai tea, the water jar on the table, the linen napkins and weighted silverware. There are even candles tucked away in brick housings in the wall - I imagine it's beautiful at night! Does anyone have photos they can share?? In addition, our server was attentive and even the attire and presentation of the team was well done.

One of our favorite small touches? The bill was served in an antique style book elegantly tucked in the cover... and the best part? The book is signed by various guests from various regions and locations.

It was perfect.


Overall, it's a great place to check out. Whether you want a quick cup of coffee, need an inspiring place to study, or are looking for an engaging place to dine... it's worth a visit.

Not only is it a great environment, but it's practical too. If you're looking for new frames, need to pick up a gift, or need some boutique style home decor - it has everything. It does run a little on the pricier side of things, but again, is curated in such a way that what you get is high quality (both in service and product).

Last Remarks

Parking - parking wasn't too bad, we found a side street that made it easy to walk to. There are a few options and meters nearby, just make sure they aren't reserved, there are a number of "rented" spaces downtown.

Timing - we arrived early for breakfast. It did start filling up quickly as the morning went on. It was clear late morning/lunch start into higher traffic. We would suggest a reservation or at least checking in with the restaurant if you plan to dine.


For us, it was a definite win. When we're

in the Tampa area we will continue to

visit this engaging and masterfully

detailed destination.

Want to visit for yourself?

We'd love to hear your thoughts! Was your experience enjoyable? What foods did you try? What stood out to you the most? How many were in your party? Oxford Exchange website:

Thank you for a great experience Oxford Exchange! Haha, they don't even know we're writing this - it was just so good! Note: these are our personal photos, their website offers much more!

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